By Allyn Edwards

Have you ever been awakened in the night with that troubling ache or upset stomach only to find the medicine in the cabinet is 4 years expired? What is one left to do when your family member is suffering and you don’t have the essentials to comfort them? Hey guess what, Saturday, Sunday, Holidays too, they open their doors, Nap’s Thriftway supermarket is always open 24/7 and conveniently yours. The only exception is Christmas Day; after all, they too have families.

When Jim Collins wrote his book “Good to Great”, he sighted one store that targeted locations for ease of accessibility to enhance the customer experience. Well, this theory has proven a success with this store being ideally located on the west end of town having access from three convenient points, a breeze to enter and exit without having to travel around the block.

This year the store is celebrating 80 years of dedicated service to the Newberg community. This supermarket knows what customer service is all about and they proudly offer their services to insure a great customer experience and lasting satisfaction. You won’t dread the long lines or price check frustration, only miles of smiles as their dedicated workforce strive to assist and serve you.

They continue to offer senior citizen discounts on all items in the store on their Super Tuesdays, whether sale or specialty items, everything is discounted an additional 5% on Tuesday for senior citizens. If you have a favorite item that was discontinued at another supplier, store manager Mitch Haight is willing to consider stocking it for you.

Aside from their great inventory of the food market and fresh produce, they offer the largest collection of “Local Craft Beers” in Yamhill County. They continue to offer fresh Deli items and have a great Parlor area with saloon type tables and stools for meeting and lunch on the run or just sitting for fun. This store still make their own donuts, has a great kitchen for lunch and dinner needs and offers a wide array of lunch options with their full service deli. Next time you need to meet and greet over coffee, consider this as an option as they have their hot breakfast items, lunch and dinners for those on the go.

Thank you Thriftway for your dedicated service to make our community great, for your sponsorships to community sports, parades and fund raisers. We wish you well in the decades to come as you continue serving us faithfully. Congratulations on a job well done.

Next time you’re awakened in the middle of the night, whether you’re pregnant and desirous of that extra special something that’s missing, or suffering from natures unexpected, take comfort in knowing Nap’s Thriftway is leaving the light on just for you!

Nap’s Thriftway Supermarket
112 E. First St.
Newberg, OR 97132