We’re looking for local employers that are interested in hiring a summer intern for the Steps-Up Internship Program. This summer internship was designed to train local talent for jobs in the Chehalem Valley. Garnering real-world work experience as a student helps to better prepare them to enter the working world after graduation.

Last year there were 22 summer interns employed by 8 firms in the Chehalem Valley. There were a total of 48 applicants and according the Chamber Executive Director Sheryl Kelsh “We would love to expand the program this year with more employers participating so that more interns can gain valuable skills.”

The Steps-Up program benefits employers by providing an enthusiastic intern that is encouraged to triple the return on the investment (ROI) that the employer makes. Since this is built into the program interns look for ways to contribute to the company’s productivity and bottom line.

Many companies are operating lean and often don’t have time to tackle additional projects. That’s where an intern comes in they can focus exclusively on a task or project during their nine-week internship. This allows the employer to continue their day-to-day operations while their intern tackles a challenge or nagging project.

Providence Healthcare System utilized the services of an unpaid intern to scan documents so they could transition from physical to digital records. Lisa Salmon’s summed up the success of the Steps-Up program as an “Opportunity to Learn and Contribute. I believe our intern received the opportunity to learn in a safe and well structured environment and also give back by helping complete a project that otherwise would have taken much longer to finish. “

To learn more about the Steps-Up Internship program, click here or contact Sheryl Kelsh at 503-538-2014 or by email Sheryl@chehalemvalley.org.