Revino Inc.

Keenan O’Hern CEO & Co-Founder

Founded in 2020.

Mission Statement

We will revive the refillable glass bottle ecosystem, cleaning the planet one bottle at a time.

Business Products or Services

Revino provides wine bottle reclamation and sanitation services to Oregon wine producers while building a robust local and sustainable glass supply network. Our process operates in an infinite loop starting with bottle manufacturing and distribution, moving to consumption and redemption, and ending with bottle sanitization and reuse.

Business Industry Standing

Revino’s unique offering is a Burgundy wine bottle designed to be collected and reused and a supporting wash facility. Revino bottles help wineries meet emissions goals single-use glass cannot achieve with emissions reductions of up to 85%.

Customer Engagement

We’ve seen immense support from the local wine community and industry at large, Pete Danko a reporter for the Portland Business Journal shared aout Revino by saying we are the solution to “A cyring need for change”. Over 60 wineries have partnered with us for the 2024 bottling season from all Oregon wine regions and we’ve built a pipeline of over 100 interested wineries across Oregon and Washington. We’ve developed partnerships throughout the supply chain and identified growth opportunities from California to New York and even Texas, where a group of 60 wineries has been looking for solutions to their glass waste issue.

We build brand loyalty through our uniquely identifiable refillable bottle which was designed alongside producers and manufacturers. As we grow we offer a more localized bottle supply chain for our producers while providing new marketing opportunities. Our primary attraction point is our Direct impact towards emissions reduction targets and reduced costs overtime. All starting with our serviceable obtainable market in the Willamette valley.



1. We’re partenrs with the statewide redepmtion system OBRC for returns to the Bottle Drop Program

2. Our bottles come out cleaner then new

3. Wineries largest carbon emissions come from packing accounting for up to 60% we are the only way to help wineries meet emissions goals with their packaging

4. We will be the first commercial scale reuse system in the nation

– We supply reusable glass wine bottles to winereies and provide collection oppor

Glass Misconceptions

-The U.S. is the only industrialized country without a nationwide refillable glass bottle system.

-16.2 billion glass bottles and containers are consumed annually. Less than 30% of those are actually recycled.

-U.S. production of glass bottles has always been below industry demands, causing a reliance on imports and fluctuations due to global pressures.

-A single glass wine bottle generates an estimated 1.28 kg of CO2.

Name Origin Story

Re – Vino

Re: to envoke a tie and inclusion in the 3 R’s; Reduce, Resue, Recycle

Vino: the Italian word for wine

Starting Up Stories

Having grown up between Sisters Oregon and the Netherlands I witnessed in Europe a refillable ecosystem that was thriving and I was shocked to find that the United States is the only industrialized country without a commercial scale refillable glass bottle system. Even Oregon’s own OBRC Bottle Drop Company beer Refillables are exported and washed in Canada! This was the catalyst for starting Revino.