June 1, 2020

Governor Brown Makes Phase II Draft Available

Governor’s Goals:
  1. Minimize hospitalizations and deaths
  2. Allow people to safely return to work so they can support themselves and their families
  3. Minimize risk to frontline workers
  4. Avoid overwhelming health systems
  5. Protect those at highest risk of severe illness, especially communities of color
  6. Support for small local gatherings that preserve community cohesion and cultural
Metrics for Phase II:
Original Prerequisites Apply
  • Declining disease prevalence
  • Adequate number of contact tracers, reflective of community
  • Minimum Testing Regimen
  • Adequate isolation and quarantine facilities
  • Sufficient hospital surge capacity
  • Sufficient PPE supply for hospitals and first-responders
Additional Criteria
  • 21 Days minimum in Phase I
  • Timely contact tracing
    • A minimum of 95% of all new cases must be contact traced within 24 hours as reported in ORPHEUS
  • Successful contact tracing
    • A minimum of 70% of new COVID-19 positive cases must be traced to an existing positive case
  • No significant increase in incident cases or positivity
Phase II General Guidance
  • Gatherings limited to 50 indoors, 100 outdoors
  • Increased travel allowed
  • Limited Return to Work; remote working strongly recommended
Limited Reopening of Certain Sectors
  • Venues: Theaters, Movie theaters, Churches
    • Occupancy limitations, sanitization requirements, physical distancing
  • Indoor/Outdoor Activities: Bowling, Pool, Arcades, Axe throwing, Jet boats, Batting cages, Mini golf
    • Physical distancing, sanitization requirements
  • Youth sports – with physical distancing, equipment sharing
  • Overnight Camps – with cohorts 

Additional Guidance for Phase II

  • Restaurant/Bars
    • Extend curfew to midnight; increase footprint for table space with approved outdoor space; allow partitions to curb physical distancing in booths

Outdoor Recreation – guidance forthcoming

  • Pools
  • Sports courts

Be well.

Shannon Buckmaster
CEO, Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce
mobile (503) 758-5585