COVID-19 Food, Pool and Lodging Facilities

Questions and Answers for Operators, 03/18/2020
General guidance:

• Based upon the Governor’s Executive Order, restaurants and other facilities that provide food to the public will only be allowed to provide food through takeout or delivery and public gatherings of more than 25 people are prohibited.

1) Q: How long does the governor’s order limiting food facilities to take out or delivery last?
A: The order remains in effect through April 14, 2020 although that date may change.

2) Q: What about gatherings of 25 people at Mobile Food Unit Pods or in a mall food court?
A: Mobile food units located in pods and food service facilities located in a mall food court may continue to operate if service is limited to takeout or delivery. Pod, mobile unit and mall owners and employees should assure that social distancing of 3 feet is maintained for customers and employees (if practical) and that no public seating be provided. Removal of seating is not required. There is no expectation that inspectors assure that the 25-person limit is adhered to in these situations.

3) Q: Does the prohibition of eating food inside the facility apply to outdoor seating areas as well?
A: Yes. Customers cannot order takeout food and sit in outdoor seating areas and eat the food. It must be consumed off the premises.

4) Q: Can a consumer buy a beer or soda and drink it while waiting for their food order?
A: No. The Governor’s order prohibits consumption of food or beverages on the premises of the facility and only takeout or delivery of food items may occur. The dining area must be closed.