Newberg Steel LogoSteel plays a major role in our lives in so many ways: the cars we drive, the bridges we cross, the buildings in which we work, planes, trains and trucks. Even our homes contain structural components hidden in the walls and entry gates that grace our homes. Steel is used in the cell towers we communicate through, the natural-gas pipelines, machinery, boats, trailers, toys and appliances – the list is endless.

The American steel industry has played a vital role in our economy for well over a century. With labor costs and international demand increasing, steel production has shifted overseas to China, the European Union, Korea and Japan where newer technologies and lower wages prevail. The Wall Street Journal reported in January of 2014 that America would be importing about 30% of  its steel.

Newberg Steel was founded by Vic and Betty Snyder in 1951 as a multipurpose family owned business adding steel in the 1960’s. In 1998, Jeff and Jackie Lane purchased Newberg Steel from Jackie’s parents and their focus grew to include steel services and fabrication. In 2011 they expanded operations upon moving to their new location off Hwy 99W. They proudly serve Newberg, McMinnville, Wilsonville, Sherwood and the greater Portland Metropolitan areas. They currently have four certified welders for all types of steel, stainless and aluminum welding in the shop, out in the field, installation and delivery. Their work includes commercial, residential and industrial structural fabrication from new construction to seismic upgrades and reinforcement for the “big quake”. Other work includes catwalks, platforms, boat docks and much more. Jeff    is quick to note they still take time to work with clients on their specialty projects and various welding needs.

When asked what has made his business such a success, Jeff was quick to credit Ken and JoAnn Austin with their “Austin Family Business Program” offered through the Oregon State University. Jeff also notes his strong faith in God and family has added to his drive to build a better company to reflect their integrity and values. Together, they are committed to making Newberg a better community. Jeff has been the recipient of many awards and has served the community in various leadership roles throughout his career. Each family member is involved in some form of community service including serving on boards, actively serving in The Noon Rotary Club, Soroptimist and the Young Professionals. Jeff said joining the Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce was crucial to getting connected in the community, understanding local needs and building lasting relationships.

Jeff serves as the CFO, daughter Jessica as the general manger, wife Jackie as the procurement specialist and son-in-law Landon, fabrication project manager and estimator. Their services extend to both the private and commercial   sectors. Even with established contractor relationships they still take great pleasure in serving the community of Newberg. Jeff strongly believes there will be a shortage of trained welders as more baby boomers are retiring from the steel industry.  They have partnered with Portland Community College and Newberg High School to offer a scholarship program for qualified students. If you are interested, please contact the high school counselors for more information.

With their expanded operation, they increased their inventory of steel, stainless and aluminum available in bulk or cut and processed to your specifications. They maintain a variety of tools, welding equipment, consumables, abrasives, accessories, apparel and “all things steel” at extremely competitive pricing. Their inventory includes MIG’s, TIG’s, and Stick welders, drill presses and steel saws. This is truly a journeyman and handyman’s delight when it comes to all things associated with   steel work. Whether you’re an experienced welder or weekend warrior, this business has it all to service your steel fabrication needs. If you have a trailer that needs attention, Newberg Steel & Fabrication has what you need, everything from complete axle assemblies, brakes, hubs, electrical parts, wheels, tires and much more.

There is simply too much to share about this great company. Be sure to visit   their website for all the details and examples of the work and services they provide and stop by next time you’re in their vicinity.

23995 N. Hwy 99W
Newberg, OR 97132
Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Sat. 8 a.m.-3 p.m.