Picture of Tonna Farrar

How old is the business?  TKF Law, LCC was formed in August, 2017. I have practiced law for more than 20 years.

Number of years in this area?  I have been in Oregon for 8 years working for other firms. Less than year in my own firm.

What is your company’s philosophy? We practice law with practicality and compassion.  Often, our clients seek help with the most stressful and important concerns impacting their lives and businesses.  We are responsive, professional, supportive and zealous advocates for our clients.

Describe your business:  The legal professionals at TKF Law represent business owners and individuals, as well as those in the Oregon wine industry, with their daily business needs including transactional law (including drafting, reviewing and negotiating a broad range of legal documents and agreements), contract disputes and corporate advisory services (including corporate policy drafting, regulatory issues, OLCC licensure, business entity formation, contract interpretation, business strategy, risk management and litigation).  Our practice also encompasses representation of home and business owners with their losses arising out of fire, water and theft, business interruption and bad faith insurance claims

How does your business stand out in the industry?

We offer the personalization associated with a small boutique firm, while offering the legal services, experience and sophistication that clients expect from a large firm.  Tonna Farrar brings more than two decades of a nationwide complex commercial practice to Newberg and its surrounding communities. In addition to negotiating millions of dollars-worth of transactions, she has litigating class actions and complex commercial matters against the nation’s largest insurers, obtaining several multi-million dollar judgments and settlements benefitting individuals wronged by improper and bad faith actions and practices in the insurance industry.

How Has the Community Responded to Your Business?

Although I have lived in Newberg for several years, I practiced with a national business litigation and class action firm located in Phoenix.  I telecommuted and traveled extensively for meetings, depositions, hearings and trials.  When I decided to centralize my practice here in Newberg and focus on assisting local clients, I was met with open arms and enthusiasm from local business community and wine industry.  At my first CVCC Greeters event, I was told by several members that they are excited to have a female attorney in Newberg.

Are There Any Misconceptions About Your Service?

Sometimes, clients or opponents mistake compassion and congeniality with weakness.  Reasoned legal solutions can be found for clients and opposing parties that are beneficial and economical.  These solutions can be lost with legal counsel that are either short-sighted to the practicality of the matter, or who are so antagonistic to the process that they waste their client’s hard-earned money with fighting over issues that are irrelevant to the big picture results for the client.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by people and their individual stories and backgrounds. I’m known to get into deep conversations with people I’ve just met and form connections. When I’m not practicing law, I love showing horses. I feel lucky to live and work in such a beautiful and friendly community.

Nut and Bolts:

Contact:        Tonna Farrar
Hours:          Monday – Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Location:     Newberg
Phone:          (503) 487-6352
Email:            tfarrar@tkflawyers.com
Web Site:     tkflawyers.com