The Joyful Roberts Group
Daniel Roberts, Real Estate Broker

What is the mission of the Joyful Roberts Group?

Our mission is to build relationships with those in our community while meeting people’s real estate needs. We aim to impact and strengthen this community by partnering with local non-profits through our Network of Generosity program. Our hope is to show others the joy that comes from a life of generosity.

So what services do  you provide?

We provide real estate services and advice for anyone looking to buy or sell a home – we specialize in helping non-profit organizations buy and sell property.

How Does Your Business Stand Out In The Industry?

We stand out by focusing on relationships first. We treat every client with the same care and attention that we would give to a family member. In addition, we offer discounts to clients who elect to be a part of our Network of Generosity program. This program allows supporters of our non-profit partners to be eligible for significant discounts and results in donations made to the non-profit after the sale.

Do You Have Any Stories To Share About Customers’ Reactions to Your Business?

Here is a reaction from a client named Casey:

“Daniel is a great guy who cares about people first in everything he does. He is super easy to talk to, has a great attitude, and is very flexible. My wife and I purchased our first home 5 months ago. We used a very unique loan to secure the house (HUD 184), and had no clue how the home buying process worked. Daniel had all of the answers and made us feel at ease during the entire process. He even came up with a few strategies during the offer period that proved to be the reason we were awarded the house. On top of all of this, Daniel will donate a portion of his hard-earned money to a [nonprofit organization], if you so choose. We had never given to a charity before and this was the perfect ending to an awesome experience. My wife and I highly recommend Daniel to all of our friends and family, and to anyone else who asks.”

Are There Any Misconceptions About Your Business?

A lot of people are nervous to work with a Realtor because they’ve either heard, or been a part of, a horror story. We do real estate differently by being a name people can trust both personally and professionally.

If your business has a unique name, please provide the background:

The Joyful Roberts came from the blog started by my wife, Cassie. The Joyful Roberts blog is dedicated to helping people step out of fear and move into joy by developing healthy mental and life skills. Cassie is passionate about sharing her 10+ year journey out of fear and anxiety and into hope and joy. Together, we want to make our business about transforming lives, so we decided to use the same name for our real estate group.

Please share any hurdles, challenges, or funny stories involved in starting/operating your business:

I used to be a mechanical engineer and one day when I lost my job, my wife-to-be and I both heard God say that I was done with engineering…a month before our wedding. From there, we got married, I started real estate, we got pregnant, we moved, my wife’s job ended, we had our son, and we moved again back to Newberg. It was a bumpy 2-year ride but it was worth every bit of hardship and adventure!

Nuts and Bolts

How Old Is Your Business? Two Years, Founded in 2017

How long in this community? Three Weeks.

Franchise Or Chain? No

Type of Business: Family Business, First Generation

Hours: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Location: 7185 SW Sandberg Rd. Suite 201. 
Tigard, Oregon. 97223

Phone/Fax: 541-980-2522

Email/Web Site: