How Old Is the Business?

May 2017

Number of Years in This Area?

12 years since returning from the East Coast for Grad School

What Is Your Company’s Philosophy?

My passion is to encourage people to welcome challenges, rise from failures and mistakes, and rebuild with perpetual hope, kindness, compassion and resiliency.

Please Describe Your Business:

I share my experience, suggestions and tools in order to help individuals and agencies grow in resiliency, healthy relationships and professional results, based on the evolution and health of each person involved. I can teach workshops, facilitate group activities and retreats and build team rapport, with the commitment to learn and promote the host corporation’s values, history and culture. I add energy, charisma and humor to events as an emcee or presenter. My personal story encourages and inspires people to face challenges and thrive, regardless of circumstances or past regrets.

How Does Your Business Stand Out In The Industry?

I have come through several seasons of devastation and trauma, rising again each time and choosing to love myself and others, regardless of the pain I’ve experienced. I choose to persist with compassion, joy and a quirky sense of humor. Some elements of my story might seem predictable, but I thrive in gray areas and juxtapositions.

Some examples of my departure from the obvious:

After graduating from Yale Divinity School on scholarship, I left an adjunct teaching position at a prestigious university in order to pursue a career in direct sales with Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc., earning the use of the iconic Pink Cadillac 22 months after starting that business.

At the age of 13, I converted to Christianity by opening the Yellow Pages (a paper phone directory before the age of Google) to find the nearest church to my house. After interviewing the pastors, I joined the church in order to have access to people who seemed normal and smelled nice.

As an adjunct professor, I taught biblical studies on a dry campus during the day and worked as a cocktail waitress and bartender at night.

I graduated top in my high school class, even while helping to raise her infant brother and entering permanent foster care at 16.

To survive my first summer break in college, I lived out of my car while working 3 jobs in SE Portland.

Instead of being paralyzed by the shame of an abusive marriage, I accepted an offer to film a national video campaign in order to bring awareness, hope and resources to other people impacted by domestic violence.

Despite inheriting generations of abuse, illness and dysfunction, I choose a healthy life and use my broken experiences to make the world a better place. I’m kind, well-spoken and polished, but still never above a (harmless) shenanigan.

Do You Have Any Stories To Share About Customers’ Reactions to Your Services?

I hear that I’m engaging, relatable, funny and sincere.

Are There Any Misconceptions About Your Offering?

Even though I share solid business strategy, I’m never only about business. I believe that who we are affects every decision we make and the results that follow, so I focus on personal growth for business development. I also specialize in encouraging and equipping the underdog and relate best to individuals who have struggled in life, known insecurity or trauma, recovered from mistakes or who have faced discouragement.

If Your Business Has An Unusual Name, Please Explain.

I believe each of us has a powerful story that can positively impact other people. My company name is a reminder of the purpose I feel in sharing my stories.

Please Share Any Hurdles/Challenges/Funny Stories Involved In Operating Your Business.

While I have comfortably promoted other ideas and products, it’s exhilarating and sometimes intimidating to promote myself and my experiences as my product and service. However, I feel purpose and empowerment in authenticity and vulnerability.

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