Meraviglioso (me·ra·vi·glió·so)

Location: 19740 NE Sunnycrest Rd, Newberg, OR 97132
Contact: 503-554-5792

Open by appointment, but since we are self-employed I can also do spur of the moment.
Opened in 2019, but have been producing wine since 2017.

What is your Company’s Mission?

Wine brings all people together. We strive to bring the spirit of solidarieta in our wines.

How would you describe your product or services?

We are a new boutique winery in the Dundee Hills AVA. We have chardonnay and pinot vines on our estate, along with a working vineyard adjacent to our property. We specialize in Pinot and Chardonnay, but also produce Pinot Grigio, Rose, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Our first sparkling will be released in the spring of ’21.  We have plans to begin our own processing on the estate next fall, and other development plans for the property as well..

How are we different?

We want to be active in our local community and in the community we build here, at Meraviglioso, around our wine. We believe in taking a moment to connect with our guests while providing a beautiful spot they can come to relax, have a meeting, listen to music and have some great wine. .

What is your favorite customer reaction to your business?

“There is only one other tasting room that is ‘Italian-esque’ around, your place is beautiful and so comfortable too.”
– a wine club member from Beaverton.

“I love the small bite pairings with your private tastings, it really brings out what’s special about your wine.”
– a visitor from Newberg.

“I love your wine, but I’ll come back for Bella the wine dog”
– a visitor from Portland.

If your business has a unique name, please provide the back-story.

Meraviglioso. Sound it out phonetically and you’re most of the way to pronouncing it, but the “g” is silent.

(Phonetically without the “g” it’s:  mare a vee lee oh so.) It means wondrous or wonderful in Italian. We know it’s a mouthful, but it’s also pretty and we love the meaning.

Our goal is to provide a beautiful setting and amazing wine, so at the end of the day our visitors leave thinking “that was wonderful.”

Please share any hurdles, challenges or funny stories involved in getting started or operating.

It feels challenging (perhaps more so than it actually is) to be a new, boutique, winery in an area so established by the “big boys” in the industry and be taken seriously. We’re here to stay.

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