Member Spotlight: Local Distribution, LLC

Location: Newberg, Oregon
Contact: 503-481-4916

Age & Founding Year: 1 year / 2020

Mission Statement
Our Mission:
The mission of Local Distribution LLC is to provide its partners with best in
class service and products.
Our Vision:
Our vision is to offer a versatile competitively priced portfolio that serves
the needs of our partners.
Our Values:
* Honesty, integrity and professionalism
* Family, friendships and enjoyment of life
* Hard work, dedication and achievement
Our Goal:
* Provide best in class service to our partners
* Provide industry insight and information
* Consistently improve our practices
* Be valued business partners within our industry
Our Objective:
* Honor all commitments
* Deliver results
* Be viewed in a positive lite
* And to enjoy our craft

Business Products or Services
Our Suppliers
We take great pride in the relationships we have built with our suppliers over the years. These relationships allow us to offer fantastic high-quality products at competitive prices. We are Proud to be working with:

Blue Bunny is part of Wells Enterprises, established way back in 1913! Blue Bunny always uses the highest quality ingredients for each one of their products. Their line of superior quality bars, cones, pints, and frozen desserts are sure to stand out even amongst the most popular competitors in the ice cream world today.

Helados Mexico is the manufacturer of the renowned Paletas ice cream bars. These delicious frozen treats feature a unique blend of real fruit and supreme quality ice cream, inspired by the traditional paletas of Tocumbo, Mexico. With over 20 delicious and unique flavors to choose from, these will quickly become the fan favorite of your business.

Mrs. Freshley’s line up of legendary snack cakes are guaranteed to be a year-round hit, for children and adults alike. Featuring timeless products like the Honeybun, Swiss Rolls, mini donuts, classic brownies, and many others. These treats will bring customers back time and time again. They are always working on innovative new treats, sure to peak the interests of your clientele.

Bon Appetit specializes in gourmet pastries of all varieties sure to satisfy even the pickiest of palates. Along with their delicious lineup of fresh Danishes, doughnuts, cakes, and muffins, they also specialize in beautiful displays that excel at drawing attention.

Since 1951Eberhard’s Dairy Products have been a staple in the central and eastern Oregon grocery market. Since the beginning they have been committed to serving the highest quality dairy products, as well as supporting local communities and businesses. We are proud to be distributing their 56oz ice cream cartons of various flavors.

Business Industry Standing

A Local Story, A Mission To Serve, And A Drive To Succeed

Managing Partners John Garrison and Nick Householder began their direct distribution careers over two decades ago in Portland Oregon, and have continued to serve our local communities ever since.

After seeing a clear need for a distribution company that understands the unique needs of Oregon & Washington’s market, they launched Local Distribution LLC with one focus in mind: To bring unparalleled service, competitive prices, and fantastic products to local stores, big or small.

Two local entrepreneurs with deep PNW roots and a down-to-earth mindset, determined to shake up the game. You can count on Local Distribution LLC to deliver what others can’t!

Often people believe Ice Cream is consumed only during the summer months which is rather inaccurate. In fact, Alaska is the #1 consumer (per capita) of Ice Cream in the US. Think about all those winter nights sitting in front of the fire or TV with a big bowl of Ice Cream… want some now don’t you!

Name Origin Story
It’s simple and straight forward… We’re a couple of local guys, with families, friends and lives based here on the westside of PDX. We believe is saying what you mean and meaning what you say so Local Distribution LLC covered all our bases.

Starting Up Stories
When we first started out, we’d often say, “we don’t even know what we don’t know yet.” We soon learnt that every time we said that, something came up that we didn’t know so we vowed to stop saying it! So far so good: )