Headwater Investment Consulting

Tommy Sherwood – Managing Partner

How Old Is Business? Founded in 2004

Number of Years In This Area? Almost 15 years

Business Ownership: Independent

What is your Mission? Together, we work toward your financial success.

Please Describe Your Business: Providing tailored investment guidance to meet the changing financial needs of your family, your business, and your retirement.

How Does Your Business/Product/Service Stand Out In The Industry? We currently manage over $200 million in assets for individuals, businesses, and non-profits, but our focus right now is non-profits.  We want to help non-profits in Yamhill county grow and prosper.  We waive our account minimums and do not charge our management fee for Yamhill county non-profits seeking investment management advice with assets under $1 million.  We currently have 19 non-profits, which include Juliette’s House, Willamette Valley Cancer Foundation, McMinnville Education Foundation, Homeward Bound Pets, YCAP and the Library Foundation of McMinnville to name a few.  We want to give back to our community and Yamhill County.  We want to get that message out that we want to help as many non-profits in our community.

Do You Have Any Stories To Share About Customers’ Reactions to Your Business/Product/Service? Unfortunately, we can’t give out testimonials, but please ask around town as many people have heard about us!

Are There Any Misconceptions About Your Business? The biggest misconception about our business (and our industry) is that people feel that we are always trying to sell them something.  There are many great Financial firms and Advisers out there trying to help in their community.  Please listen to what they have to say.

If Your Business Has An Unusual Name, Please Explain. Headwater Investment Consulting name comes from our founder’s passion for river rafting.  If you are not looking for investment advice, but rather a river rafting trip, let us know!

Please Share Any Hurdles/Challenges/Funny Stories Involved In Operating/Starting Your Business. The biggest hurdle for our company is that we have clients spread throughout the United States and throughout Oregon.  We work with all clients no matter where they live.  We love to travel and meet new people.  Some people think if they live far away, we won’t work with them, but that is not the case.

Nuts and Bolts

Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00 to 4:30 and Friday 8:00-4:00
Location: 408 SE 1st Street
Phone/Fax: 503-565-2100
Email/Web Site: tom@headwater-ic.comwww.headwater-ic.com