Member Spotlight: Fresh Aire – Office Fragrancing and Deodorizing Service

Location: Yamhill County
Contact: 503-472-3300

How Old/What Year Founded: Serving Yamhill county since 2000 & Founded in 1995
Number of years in THIS area: 20 Years
Family-Owned Franchise

What is your Company’s Mission?
Our service is built on the belief that business owners and managers want to make the best initial impression as their customers walk through their doors coupled with a pleasant, desirable work environment for their employees. Whether you have a lot of foot traffic in a retail space or a few employees in a professional office or small production facility, we have a fragrance that will work for you!

How would you describe your product or services?
Fresh Aire has been fragrancing and deodorizing offices since 1995! Our deodorizers and fragrances are specially formulated to quietly and continuously evaporate into the air. These environmentally friendly fragrances contain odor neutralizers and odor counteractants. We have a variety of fragrances from strong to mild, and our owners and service technicians use both art and science to control the evaporation rate. This technique allows us to fragrance any area from the size of the typical office or lobby to a large or small restroom for about the cost of a lunch every four weeks!

How are we different?
To create the best first impression for your customers as they walk through your doors, business owners and managers know they must focus on Sight, Sound and Smell.  Since 1995, Fresh Aire has been a leader in the Scent Marketing industry and is expert at crafting a selection of fragrances that work for you through the seasons of the year. Whether you operate an Eldercare Community, manage Multi-family housing, have foot traffic in a retail space, or a small production facility, we have a fragrance that will work for you!

Are there any misconceptions about your business or products?
With the proliferation of fragrances and air freshener products that can be found in any big-box store, people confuse our essential oil-based fragrances with the chemical-laden products found in any aisle of the typical national retailer.  Our products and services are not available on a retail basis and are tailored to the commercial business and formulated to last the duration of our 28-day service cycle.  Designed with YOU in mind, they are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and non-injurious to the health of people and animals.

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