Expense Reduction Analysts – Doug Utberg, Principal Consultant

Location: Newberg, OR 97132
Contact: 503-317-8040
Email: dutberg@expensereduction.com

How Old/What Year Founded:                                   Founded in 1992 / US Launch in 2002
Number of years in THIS area:                                   Doug is the first franchisee in Newberg Area
Franchise/Chain?                                                          Franchise – Professional Services

What is your Company’s Mission?

Value through Insight – Bringing cost optimization to local & regional businesses

How would you describe your product or services?

Expense Reduction Analysts (E.R.A.) partners with businesses to drive reductions in their ‘secondary’ costs such for items such as Office Supplies, Telecom, Freight & Packaging, Waste Removal, etc.

Our expertise covers over 40 cost categories and typically allows us to find an additional 10-30 percent savings for our clients, without recommending layoffs.

The way our model works is that if we don’t find any savings, you don’t pay a fee.  We are only paid for results, so there is minimal risk for you.

We can help you find the cost savings to continue investing in your business.

How are we different?

Our global network of cost category experts allows us to execute cost reduction projects across over 40 cost categories.  When paired with our ‘success fee’ based business model, it provides our clients with the opportunity for significant gains with almost no risk.

What is your favorite customer reaction to your business?

E.R.A. was instrumental in capturing significant financial resources for the YMCA in Seattle.  With a total operating budget of $54.2 million, E.R.A. was able to achieve annual savings in excess of $341k without any layoffs.

“Unlike other consultants that I have dealt with in the past, ERA dis all the heavy lifting with little time imposition on my staff.”

~Glen H. Tsugasa, Sr. VP and CFO

In another situation, E.R.A. performed multiple cost reduction projects for the Battle Ground public schools and provided an independent proof point of cost competitiveness.  Demonstrating this stewardship of public resources was an instrumental part of influencing the public to pass a funding levy.

Are there any misconceptions about your business or products?

Some clients are concerned that E.R.A. is here to devalue or replace the purchasing department.

The truth is that every company’s purchasing department needs to focus on their core business expenditures.  The simple fact of the matter is that most companies end up leaving savings on the table because it’s not possible to cover everything.  We bring in category specialists with benchmark data gathered across over 14,000 successful projects to optimize your cost profile with zero-risk for your company.

If your business has a unique name, please provide the back-story.

E.R.A. originated in the United Kingdom by Fred Marfleet with 3 cost categories and no network of expert consultants.

Please share any hurdles, challenges or funny stories involved in getting started or operating.

Before starting my business with E.R.A. I spent 20 years working for major technology corporations in Finance and IT.  I launched my business in the middle of the COVID pandemic, so the lines between home and business have never really been established.  Each week is a convergence of school requirements for the kids, scouts for my son, dance for my daughter and the care of our dog, two cats and eight chickens.

Doug’s Podcast – Terminal Value