Please describe your business/product/service:
Tile Installation, Stone, Cultured Stone, Ceramic Tile, Granite Tiles, Glass Block, etc.

How does your business/product/service stand out in the industry?
The owner is either on every job site working or setting up every job.

Do you have any stories to share about customers’ reactions to your business/product/services?Folks we have worked with in the Community – Norman’s Floor Covering (and still working with their great team), Dell Smith’s House on the river, Spruce Goose Water Park,  Elk Cove Winery, Argyle Winery, Red Ridge tasting room – event center – olive mill – herb farm & the owners private home, Rogue Gourmet Catering, Coming Soon Janet Bleck home at the coast, down town Portland projects,  plus many more local folks in the area

Are there any misconceptions about your business/product/services?
Customers will purchase a tile and have a vision on how the tile will look, but once they see the tile laid down, they decide they do not like the look of the tile.  A small sample piece of tile can look exciting and fun, but in a larger layout it can be busy or distracting.

If your business has a unique name, please provide the background:
Jim’s great grandfather moved from Italy to America and could not find a job. A lady that was hiring told him if he changed his name to be more American, she would hire him, so he changed his last name from Cuzzo to Cutz – not sure how that is more American 😉

So, in honor of his great grandfather Jim named his business after his great grandfather’s birth name.

Nuts and Bolts:

How Old Is Your Business? 30 years old

Number of Years In This Area? 25 years

Franchise Or Chain? No

Type of Business: Family Business

Hours: Flexible – depending on the job

Location: Dundee, Oregon

Contact: Val – 503-888-3671 / Jim – 503- 867-0021 / Fax- 971-832-8479 / /