Computer Solutions

Shawn Lietz, Computer Repair and Consultant

How Old Is Business? 7 years

Number of Years In This Area? Just starting out in the Newberg area.

Family Business? Family business, first generation

What is your Mission? Computer Solutions is a locally owned computer repair and consulting business designed to suit your technology needs. We come to you at your home or place of business and provide onsite repair and consulting for your computer systems and network.  This lets us address things directly, and holistically, without making you disconnect and reconnect a bunch of equipment.

Please Describe Your Business: We provide on-site computer diagnostics, repair, and upgrades – home and commercial-grade network installation, configuration, and management – virus removal – system security – network security – and a variety of other IT consulting services.

How Does Your Business Stand Out in the Industry? We take pride in always putting our customer first.  We always try to listen and recommend solutions based on your needs rather than insisting you must do things in a specific way.  We have multiple technicians and a network of people we can rely on for additional consultation in a variety of situations so that we generally have or can find an answer to any given situation.

We also prefer to come to your location instead making of you tear everything down and bring the systems and equipment to us.  We know that downtime is critical, and this helps us to try and minimize it by identifying issues and addressing work directly on-site for a minimum of disruptions.  This also helps us to test directly to ensure that problems will not come back later.

Do You Have Any Stories To Share About Customers’ Reactions to Your Performances? Our customers are often surprised when they learn what we are willing to do for them to ensure that their needs get met.  Many times, people are used to IT support as a bare-minimum service where they are (at best) hoping to get things back to how they were before something went wrong.  We prefer to try to take extra time, and make sure that all issues are addressed properly the first time, and any future upcoming issues are called out as well.

We also work to try and educate and explain technology to our customers.  The look on our customers faces when they realize that not only have we been able to help solve a problem, but that we are willing to research properly and assist them in learning how prevent it coming back is priceless.

Are There Any Misconceptions About Your Business?

We have a few common misconceptions about our business almost daily.  The most common one that we come up against is a very commonly held belief that IT Consultants do not like human interaction, or that we are more interested in the technology than the people.

While it is true that many IT businesses prefer to “work with the computers and not the people”, this is NOT the case with us.  One of the core reasons we prefer to work on-site whenever possible is because we like to sit down and work directly with you to.  Any tech can show up and try to fix a bullet list of problems and leave without interaction.  The best part of our job is when we can see a customer begin to understand and learn their own technology in a way they have never known before.

The other common misconception we face is people believing our services are limited to just PC’s or computers.  We try to approach a person or business’ technology issues and needs as a whole – which may include tablets, smartphones, networks, phone systems, system security and firewall, security cameras, or remote access/VPN connections.  While there are some tasks (such as running cabling) which are better suited for different contractors, we can even help get those sourced if need be, and we try to help with every piece of the technology puzzle wherever possible.

Please Explain Your Company’s name. Our business name is a bit unusual for an IT consulting business.  Many businesses in this industry will have a name that is a play on words, or a pun involving technical terms.  Our name is different in that it does not try to be funny or technical and is simple and straightforward.  We chose our name (Computer Solutions) to reflect what we want to bring to our customers – simple, straightforward solutions to your computer and IT problems.

Please Share any Challenges Involved in Operating Your Business. One of the challenges we often face is getting our information out to those in need.  The areas we serve are often inundated with fly-by-night technician services, who put out a burst of flyers and print ads and do a minimum effort to make the most money in the shortest time.

These businesses often then close down and relocate (or come back with a new name) when they face enough angry customers upset with shoddy work.  This can make it hard to stand out in a crowded ad market, and difficult to make initial customer contact with those who need it.

Rather than relying on heavy advertising, we grow slowly, through word of mouth and referral from happy existing customers.  There is no advertisement which is ever worth as much as a good word from someone who is happy with good work.

We have been in business since 2002 and have been slowly spreading to new areas once we are sure we can offer the level of support we know our customers will be happy with.  Our goal moving forward is to get as involved in the community in Newberg, and to help get the word out through contacts and happy customers so that people who need us will know that there is someone in the community who is willing and able to help them.

Nuts and Bolts
Hours: 7 am to 9 pm
Location:  Home location in McMinnville, servicing Chehalem Valley
Phone/Fax: 503-810-0980
Email/Web Site:  /