Caravan Coffee Newberg

Pete Miller, Owner
Contact: 503-538-7365

Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 3:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

What is your Company’s Mission?

To bless people. We do this every day through hospitality, creating value and service.

How would you describe your product or services?

We make life better for guests and make business better for our clients through Artisan Roasted Coffee. Our coffee is responsibly sourced making positive social and environmental impacts in our coffee growing communities. We roast coffee to peak flavor with highly trained coffee professionals managing every aspect of quality, from sourcing, roasting, packaging, and distribution.

Our clients are discerning cafes, restaurants, and others who want to serve exceptional coffee. Our guests of our Tasting Room are consumers who are looking for a better coffee experience. Our Tasting Room is attached to our warehouse/roastery with a window peeking through to the coffee roasters.

How are we different?

Beginning with our Tasting Room we create a unique experience to our guests with the best espresso bar in the county. Visitors can enjoy a traditional menu with thoughtfully inspired flavors. We rotate the selection of our espresso beans every month so our guests can truly taste the world of coffee in their cup. Our pour over options rotate weekly for the same purpose. Local Honey and real cinnamon is used for our most popular drink ‘The Honey Cinnamon Latte’. A single Origin Chocolate (Peru) that is processed in Portland is used as our chocolate syrup for mochas and hot chocolates.

Paired with our milk alternative, Oatly it’s a delicious treat that our guests who are Vegan & Gluten Free can enjoy. We currently have a Cold Brew special with a Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup added for a natural sweetness and a slice of citrus all shaken together for a foamy refreshing thirst quencher.

Our coffee and service are consistently delivered with high value. Our coffee blends are remarkably consistent in flavor profile and our single origins create a wide variety of flavors celebrating the place and people who produce these high-quality coffees.

What is your favorite customer reaction to your business?

One of our favorite things to hear is “I don’t even have to add cream to this!” The Tasting Room has been a place for folks to try something new and to learn that coffee doesn’t have to taste sour or bitter and over roasted to be “coffee”.

Are there any misconceptions about your business or services rendered?

We definitely hear ‘all coffee tastes the same right?’ Absolutely not. It can stand alone and has many of the same complexities that wine has in the depths of it’s growing origin, processing, farmer’s family stories, roasting and finally the brewing preparation. You can have a naturally processed (fruit dried on the coffee bean/seed) Ethiopian coffee that taste like Fruity Pebbles Cereal when brewed with a paper filter VS a Cherry Cordial Chocolate when brewed with a French Press. It’s such a fun world to explore.

If your business has a unique name, please provide the back-story.

Our name “Caravan” was born 3 decades ago with the similarities of our business of creating Artisan Coffee Experiences is like the Ancient Bedouins on camel backs in the middle east who would bring desirable items from exotic places to different people. Many years ago we changed from this middle eastern branding and imagery to a “Well-traveled” imagery of creating adventure and memorable experiences.

Please share any hurdles, challenges or funny stories involved in getting started or operating.

My grandmothers reaction 30 years when she heard that I was starting a coffee shop in Newberg, “Pete, this is really a nice little place and your coffee taste good… but, how are you going to support your growing family with 50 cent cups of coffee?” Unloading my first 6 sacks of coffee from freight truck by throwing onto my shoulder and carrying 50 feet inside. Only to discover later that my neck and shoulder were very sore the next day (they were 120-150 pounds each). I purchased a hand truck for the next delivery.

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