Often when you have a conversation with someone who is deeply involved in the Newberg community you find out that it all started with participation in Leadership Newberg.  At a recent Greeters meeting, Linda Sandberg with Camp Tilikum announced that their hiring Dan Prow as their Marketing Director was the result of connections made through the Chamber of Commerce.

We love success stores like this and were interested in learning more so that we can continue to foster meaningful connections between our members.

As it turns out when Linda Sandberg was new to the Newberg community 20 years ago, she decided to participate in Leadership Newberg. Through her participation, she learned of Camp Tilikum, which turned out to be the perfect place for her to use her skills in physical education and recreation.  Since then, she has become very active in the Chamber of Commerce as Community Relations for Camp Tilikum.

Fast forward 20 years, new Chamber member Dan Prow, joined Leadership Newberg and became familiar with Camp Tilikum. It didn’t take long for him to explore volunteer opportunities with Camp Tilikum. When it came time for them to hire a Marketing Director several months later, Dan decided to apply for the job. He had the qualifications they were looking for and the knowledge and experience with Camp Tilikum, their programs, and staff which made him a desirable candidate.  We weren’t surprised to learn that he landed the job.

We enjoy facilitating conversations and interactions between our members. By creating the environment for business relationships to flourish, we hope that there are hundreds of success stories that we never hear about.  If you have a success story please let us know, it makes our day.

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