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We turn the spotlight on chamber member businesses every other month with a Business Spotlight feature article. Learn more about your fellow chamber members and businesses in the community.

September 18th Greeters is 100% on Zoom


Due to ongoing poor air quality and possible rain, tomorrow's Greeters is 100% online! We'll see you at 8:00 am for a special presentation from A Family Place

September 18th Greeters is 100% on Zoom2020-09-17T16:42:11-07:00

Member Spotlight: Jungle Media


In a completely digital and electronic world of communication, it is through content that you educate, inspire, inform and attract customers. The consumer of today is much more sophisticated with regard to media. They do not want to be patronized, coerced, fooled or cajoled. The best way to attract a customer is to tell them the truth, and to be authentic in your presentation. Give them the information (or the entertainment) that they want and let them decide whether you are a solution for them.

Member Spotlight: Jungle Media2020-09-17T12:11:36-07:00

Member Spotlight: Caravan Coffee Newberg


Beginning with our Tasting Room we create a unique experience to our guests with the best espresso bar in the county. Visitors can enjoy a traditional menu with thoughtfully inspired flavors. We rotate the selection of our espresso beans every month so our guests can truly taste the world of coffee in their cup

Member Spotlight: Caravan Coffee Newberg2020-07-27T14:31:29-07:00

Member Spotlight: Kim Abraham, Director’s Mortgage


The goal of Directors Mortgage is to provide loans that best suit our clients' needs. We accomplish this with professionalism and integrity. The hallmark of Directors Mortgage is to earn our clients' confidence and trust so that we can be their mortgage specialist for life.

Member Spotlight: Kim Abraham, Director’s Mortgage2020-01-20T16:00:25-08:00