How Old Is Business?  2 years as NW WaterStop

Number Of Years In This Area? 2 years

Franchise Or Chain? National Authorized Dealer of WaterCop products for Oregon since 2011

What Is Your Company’s Mission Statement/Philosophy?
Provide our residential and commercial client’s today’s most advanced emergency plumbing automation technology in “Risk Management”. Slash into the billions of dollars wasted every year in the U.S. on preventable water damage and industry fluid product losses

Please Describe Your Business
NW WaterStop recently moved for expansion and now located in Dundee Oregon’s growing central business district building. Our location now allows us to open the western states largest residential and commercial risk management plumbing product showroom. When completed NW WaterStop will be providing product seminars for homeowners, government and corporate risk managers, regional insurance industry executive’s, and other industry client groups.

NW WaterStop provides sales, installations, consulting and installation of automated fluid flow control products and emergency security shut-off systems for water, wine, beverages and other fluids.

How Does Your Business/Product/Service Stand Out In The Industry?
We are backed by our U.S. corporate parent DynaQuip Controls, in business developing high quality specialty plumbing products for over seventy years with the only national dealer network serving all fifty states. Continuous innovation in product development has led to industry leading award-winning emergency shut-off systems recommended by more and more insurance industry risk managers.

 Do You Have Any Testimonials to Share?
Every installation has produced one or more calls of praise from client’s describing potential disasters instantly caught by sensors. One “Street of Dreams” owner has called three times describing how our system prevented another costly water damage claim. Oregon’s first Whole Hospital system in Salem has detected a few ruptures but when the 3” main water pipe ruptured in the mechanical room at 3:00 am a sensor shut off the water in 8 seconds. The Hospital director sleeping was awakened via automated smart device text and thought it was a false alarm until workers visited the room, quick repairs were made and doors opened by morning.

Are There Any Misconceptions About Your Product/Services?
Marketing our two main products to Homeowners that no one has ever heard of, has its challenges. Clients are surprised to hear companies like Farmers (15%) and State Farm (20%) are leading the way with offering great Homeowner discounts with a whole home WaterCop system. On the other hand, Homeowners who had significant water damage losses ask how fast can we install their WaterCop.

The corporate side is a little different, risk managers like Home Forward of Portland, Condo Tower HOA’s and Large multi-unit Pearl District Property Management firms are finding us.

If Your Business Has An Unusual Name, Please Explain.
Many people see our name NW WaterStop and ask us to “please stop the rain” and I tell them yes, I will in 9 months!

Describe some of your biggest challenges
The biggest challenge since becoming Oregon’s dealer back in 2011 has been educating homeowners and corporate risk managers with a relatively new product that is insurance for their insurance. Most clients respond with the phrase “That’s why I have insurance” but they don’t realize when a claim is filed all the out of pocket expenses and stresses that are coming: the deductible, family re-location, time of work to itemize losses and supervise repairs.

Then comes the shock that not all is 100% covered by insurance. Now they run the risk of policy cancellation and the home and owner’s names are placed on the C.L.U.E. report for at least seven years, the “Insurance Industry Blacklist” for higher premium rates. The C.L.U.E. report can also be accessed by potential home buyers, agents and home inspectors to look for “red flags” in a “listed repaired home” with water damage history. Were competent repairs made? Is there potential hidden mold growth?

Nuts and Bolts:
NW WaterStop Inc
Greg Neurohr, Director of Operations
Ryan Anderson, Director of Marketing

Hours:  8:00 to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday
Location:  925 N. HWY 99 W. Dundee Or.
Phone: Direct: 503.487.7108;  Office: 503. 554. 0313