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True Form Collision - Newberg 801 East 1st Street ~ 503-538-2965A car, truck or RV can mean many things to people, to some it’s an expression of one’s personality, to another it may satisfy basic transportation needs but to others it’s their pride and joy, a signature of who they’ve become, an asset they saved and planned for. So what happens when that prized possession meets fate with the unplanned misfortune of an accident? With so many auto repair facilities and body repair shops who do you turn to? Will it ever be right again? Will the paint match, the body sag, will there be gaps where panels meet or will the body lines be right? These are the questions that flood our minds as we look at the mangled twisted carnage of what used to be the essence of beauty. This month we take a closer look at one of the finest I-Car Gold Class Professionals* certified auto-body repair facilities in Oregon, and its right here in Yamhill County. Let’s see what makes True Form Collision Repair, the shop of choice in a league of its own.

Dan Gardner is the owner and president of True Form and says the secret to success and a happy customer is “Making it like it never happened”, he notes “trust is a big factor” and he along with his partner and wife Laurie have earned their customers trust over the years with many referrals and repeat business.

TruFormProducts-2In an ever changing world of technology and computer driven systems, they use a paint product that is environmentally safe and water soluble. No more drums of hazardous waste or employees being subjected to hazardous fumes or materials and frustrations of paint and solvent reactions. This shop is on the cutting edge of the advanced technology used in their industry. From their computerized laser precise frame straightening & alignment machines, computerized welding machines which provide direction and perfection for body seams and precision welds and the implementation of an OSHA and environmentally safe waterborne paint system, they have perfected the science of body and paint repair which has helped to separate them from the pack and places them on the forefront of auto-body repair work.

The moment you come through the front door for an estimate, your high-end technology and customer satisfaction experience begins. Your estimate is processed and completed with digital photos attached. Next, the insurance carrier gets a comprehensive report on the state of your vehicle. Once scheduled for repairs, your customer care package kicks in and you are provided with emailed progress reports. With their high standards of repair and quest for the excellence you deserve in customer satisfaction, True Form is there to serve you and restore your vehicle to its original state.

When I asked Dan about the concerns customers have of inferior low quality parts sometimes used by repair shops he stated the law regulates what is acceptable and what the insurance company can mandate. Where his shop can use original equipment, they do, and if the replacement part doesn’t match or properly fit they won’t use it. They work hard with the insurance carrier to ensure a quality job you deserve.

I then asked Dan about comparing the quality of the waterborne paint system they use verses what is most commonly used in the automotive factories. I was surprised to learn most factories are using the same systems with the only difference in the baking methods and with the thermo-controlled system he uses you can rest assured your vehicle will be returned as close to original as possible.

Their shops are capable of refurbishing all kinds of trucks, cars, trailers, mobile homes and RV’s. They specialize in making it as the factory intended it.

So if you suffer the misfortune of an accident, or have a friend or neighbor in need, remember, you have a choice as to who you want to work on your vehicle, why settle for less, demand the best and call True Form Collision Repair.

* True Form is an I-CAR Gold Repair facility. This means that their technicians and estimators have completed thorough and rigorous training – everything from welding to air-bags to tinting and matching paint colors – by the Inter Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair.
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