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I can remember as a child in the sixties, entertainment was found outdoors playing with the neighborhood friends or later in the evening huddled with family around a 12” black and white television where I served as the remote control for changing channels with the vast choice of 5 local stations.  Technology has been on a rapid incline since then and we went from 12” black and whites to 25” consoles to projection big screen to plasma flat screens to LED and here today we enjoy 96” Curved 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV’s with surround sound that is better than the theaters, not to mention with the flip of a switch you can access the latest in movie entertainment without having to rent a video, wow, how life has changed, now I just sit in my chair and click away.  This month we’ll take a closer look at a local business established in Newberg in 1981, Lewis Audio Video and its owner, Dennis Lewis, a pioneer and entrepreneur in the entertainment world.

LAVLogo-cleanDennis Lewis was a part of the evolution to bring the entertainment world into your home.  Dennis had a vision of what could be provided and explored the options on how to make that happen here locally.  Starting back in the 80’s, Dennis targeted the entertainment industry as a breakout industry that would quench the public thirst for bigger better entertainment. With limited TV offerings beyond cable reach, the “satellite delivered” program services became the TV delivery system for rural America. The providers struggled to service the needs for the growing interest in many areas one of which was Newberg. Dennis traveled to Washington D.C. and joined the Satellite Broadcasters Communication Association (SBCA) where he served as board member and ultimately chairman.  He helped set the standards which enabled Americans to receive encrypted TV signals and took part in the development of the first direct to home satellite delivered  cable services,  known today as ‘Direct TV and Dish network’.

With his entrepreneur spirit, Dennis expanded his services here in Newberg to specialize in the Ultimate of Audio Visual Entertainment, his store is a showcase of theater rooms designed to satisfy your quest and explore opportunities where he and his team can create and customize how you can be entertained in your own home.  Dennis and his team are featured with several builders in the “Street of Dreams” homes each year and are available to assist you in your own designs or remodels.  Lewis Audio Video presently has over 21 employees with the service and design expertise to help you maximize the potential for your entertainment experience, set up specialized surveillance home or business services which can be controlled through your cell phone and they can enhance wireless signals in your home or place of business.

When asked what made his company stand out amongst their peers, he replied “Our staff are trained and very responsible in what they do to satisfy or exceed the expectation of what each customer wants and deserves, we enjoy being good community partners by promoting a better environment and helping to make Newberg a better place to live.”

So if you’re planning your man-cave, theater room, designing your custom home, wanting to explore surveillance options for security or just out to see the latest in entertainment technology, visit the showroom of Lewis Audi Video, you won’t be disappointed. Lewis Audio Video is a place where you too can live in the moment . . . Your experience is their “Job One!”.


Lewis Audio Video
2112 Portland Road Newberg, OR  97132
Fax: 503-538-5419