//Katy Tatro, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

Katy Tatro, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

We welcome Katy Tatro into our Newberg business community. Katy, her husband Mike, and two cats Chaz and Mia moved to Newberg from Southern California four years ago. Seeking a better quality of life and proximity to wine country, they were immediately drawn to Newberg’s historic downtown and friendly people.

After a successful career as an office administrator for a law firm, Katy sought a small business that would fit well with the character and values of Newberg. The answer was unexpectedly close to home. Katy had been using Mary Kay beauty and skin care products for more than 20 years. She decided that starting her own Mary Kay beauty consultancy business was an ideal business that would allow her to meet the needs of women in Newberg. “I love the affordable luxury of Mary Kay products. I also admire the values on which the company was founded by Mary Kay Ash: ‘God first, family second, and career third, and also to live by the Golden Rule, to treat others the way you want to be treated,’ ” Katy said.

The Mary Kay business model emphasizes the importance of high-quality personal relationships. For this reason, Mary Kay products cannot be purchased in retail stores, only directly from Independent Beauty Consultants like Katy. Katy meets personally with clients in their homes. She also offers facials, makeovers, skin care and color classes at her home in the “Pink Boutique.”

“What I love most about my Mary Kay business is the opportunity to meet new people and share fabulous Mary Kay products with them. It’s all about treating women to a pampering session and having them feel good about themselves.” Katy adds, “I also love that my schedule is completely flexible, there are no limits on income potential, and I can grow my business at my pace. “Each quarter I’ve earned the position of ‘Star Consultant.’ I love all the benefits and recognition that comes with being an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. One day I expect to grow my business to Director level, and perhaps even beyond that. Time will tell.”

As a Star Consultant, Katy maintains an inventory so that she can fill most customer orders immediately. Katy has also earned her Advanced Color Consultant designation, which means that Katy has completed an in-depth online education program for Mary Kay color products, such as lipsticks and foundations. Katy knows how to make each woman look fabulous. “Moving to a small town where you don’t really know anybody, and then starting a business is very challenging.” Katy added, “Joining the Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce not only helped me take my business to the next level, but also added greatly to our family’s quality of life by offering opportunities to volunteer and connect with our community. Mike and I just couldn’t be happier here in Newberg. Newberg is our home now.”

Katy Tatro
Independent Beauty Consultant
Call or Text: 503-726-8463
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