//Internship Program Overview

Internship Program Overview

Internship Program – Prospective Employer Overview

The Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a workforce development program that will assist in preparation of a workforce that is adequately trained to fill local job openings. Climax Portable Machine Tool (CPMT,) operating under a similar objective, started their own internal Internship Program 6 years ago and have since graduated over 120 interns. The internship program was so successful that CPMT expanded to provide interns for other local interested businesses. Since the program’s inception, CPMT has assisted the launch of other programs in Washington, Indiana, Alabama and McMinnville, Oregon.  CPMT has partnered with the Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce to take over the administration of the Internship Program in the Newberg market while continuing in an advisory capacity.

What is the Chehalem Valley Chamber Internship Program?

The program is a 9 week paid summer internship running from June 15th – August 14th 2015. The Internship must also accommodate 4 hours per week of Professional Development every Wednesday morning.  The professional development is held at the Climax offices unless otherwise specified.

What companies have provided internships in the Newberg area? 

CPMT, ARE Manufacturing, The Four Graces, The Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce, SP Newsprint, Burgerville (corporate), Newberg Steel, Ushio and Newberg Ford.  The Chamber predicts the program will double in size in the coming year based on the interest by many more businesses that asked to be considered as an intern site next year.

Where will Interns be recruited?

Interns will be recruited from all over the area, including but not limited to all area high schools, George Fox University, PCC, Linfield College, Chemeketa Community College, OSU, U of O and others. This means the program will have a large pool of applicants and the ability to select the best candidate based on the needs of the participating companies.

Can a participating company pick their own intern(s)?

Yes, this internship is designed to fit the needs of the company AND the interns. The Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce (CVCC) will assist companies with developing an intern job description and manage the intern application process to determine which candidates fit each company’s job descriptions. Participating companies can interview the candidates and make their own intern selection from a qualified pool of candidates that are pre-screened from the CVCC. Ultimately, hiring an intern is the company’s choice; no host will be forced to hire an intern if there is no one that fits the needs of that company.

How much will it cost?

The interns will be paid by the host site at least minimum wage for the duration of the 9-week program, which equals approximately $3,330 ($9.25 x 40 hours x 9 weeks) plus taxes (approximately $500).  Two of the professional development classes have materials fees that total $150.

What do hosts need to provide?

Hosts are asked to provide a project-based work plan that is designed to allow learning for the intern while filling a business need. It is also necessary that each company provides a staff member who is available for guidance and questions as the intern’s mentor throughout the summer. Finally, interns need to have a place of their own to land and materials to get their job done (i.e. desk, chair, workbench, computer, equipment, paper, pens, etc.).

What’s the time commitment?

The program runs from June 15 to August 14, 2015. These are full-time (30-40 hours) internships that run the duration of the nine week time period. The intern’s hours can be adjusted to a company’s needs. While the interns will be full-time, there will be a few hours once a week where the interns will be required to attend Professional Development classes at another location. Host site agrees to pay the intern for the time spent in Professional Development.  (Normally, no more than 4 hours per week).  Interns can also start before and/or end after the 9-week program.

What are the possible topics covered in the Professional Development sessions?

The CVCC program will include recommended Professional Development curriculum in:  Customer Service, Public Speaking, Resume Preparation, Interviewing Skills, Social Media for Networking and Job search, Personal Finance, First Aid and CPR Certification, Social Consciousness and more.  CPMT currently has this curriculum and the community partners who teach it set-up.  There are opportunities for new Professional Development classes. All professional development classes will be held on Wednesday mornings.

What will be the Company’s Return on Investment (ROI)?

While the specific ROI will depend on the project parameters and other factors, this internship is designed not only to mentor youth in their career development, but also allows the host sites to complete much needed projects.  CPMT has regularly produced a ROI of 3X their investment on this program.  In addition it had resulted in permanent job offers for well suited interns.