//Custom Security Solutions from Innovative Technology Solutions

Custom Security Solutions from Innovative Technology Solutions

We live in a world that is constantly changing with technology advancing at a rapid pace which is challenging for all. I can remember when “mobile” phones were only utilized by business executives, celebrities and society’s elite. The phones were huge, awkward and heavy, had a short range of battery life and were very costly. Security systems were hard wired and used by businesses, the rich and famous.

Today, “mobile” phones, aka cell phones, are much more compact and fit in the palm of your hand or wrist and it’s very common for the whole family to enjoy the luxury of their services. It seems to be status quo to have cell phones or smart phones and the latest designs in e-gadgetry. Security systems are no different, no longer limited to the large corporations and elite of society they are becoming more common to everyone and have proven to be a great tool in deterring vandalism and theft.

With all these rapidly expanding changes in the vast-ness of technology it pays to shop around and capture the features you are looking for at the pricing and service you’re comfortable with.

Jim Marble

Jim Marble

Innovative Technology Solutions is a local business domiciled in McMinnville, established in 2006. They are committed to meeting the challenges of an ever changing industry where customer service is paramount to success. They have basic monitoring services with NO long term contracts, NO hidden fees, Free Text and Email alerts all starting at $19.95/mo. Of course, you can add as many features as you wish to upgrade to your preferences. They will provide you with a free evaluation and customized estimate of their services.

Most home insurance policies offer up to a 20% discount on your insurance policy for protected homes. They can build your system to do a wide array of things including Video Surveillance, Wired or Wireless Alarm Systems that can monitor smoke, carbon, sense weather and temperature changes with sensors and offer Electronic Access Controls and the options of remote controls for access to your system while at work, vacation or play. No longer do you have to worry whether you left the doors unlocked or turned your monitoring system on as you can do this off site remotely. You can travel stress free and “check-in” as often as you desire from your smart phone, i-pad or laptop computer.

By offering their services without the dreaded multi-year contracts, Innovative Technology Solutions focuses on building and establishing long term relationships with their clients. No other local security company provides the level of technology they give freely to each customer.

Interested in becoming a customer? It’s time to step up into the 21st century and discover the latest in innovative security and communication options, whether you’re a homeowner looking to review video and other options for your home, a business owner looking to upgrade or install a new security system or monitor daily activities or a builder looking to maximize the Home Audio HD Options available, Innovative Security offers free, comprehensive estimates for the latest available options desired with no commitments.

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