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Often we establish ourselves in life, settled in our careers, focused on success and pursuing happiness in life and family which if left unbalanced can result in the loss of exercise and attention to health. Then we attend the annual office picnic and engage in a sports activity only to find ourselves straining or spraining muscles or joints from the rigorous activity we are no longer accustomed to. Or how about the occasional gathering where we dust off the ping pong table and find ourselves stretching for that fast spin return which results in a tweaked back which equates to pain and suffering. With a New Year upon us, many will resolve with the “New YearResolution” and new commitment to health. We will discuss getting back to the gym or getting in shape but I have to ask the question “What does it mean to be fit or in good shape?” This month we will take a closer look at a fitness center with a unique approach to fitness as we explore the world of Dewey Nielsen’s Impact
Performance Training.

DeweyNielsen-Impact-squareDewey is a Newberg resident who spent his early years studying Bruce Lee and his approach to fitness and the martial arts. Early on he realized the importance of balance between joint movement and muscle development. With a passion for fitness, he soon realized that an overemphasis on muscular development encumbered a greater need for flexibility and motion. In his mid-twenties he upgraded his passion to an obsession as he began traveling the world and consulting with the leading experts of Kinesiology and Functional Anatomy. He has studied under Dr. Andreo Spina, aworld-renowned author and publisher in the field of Kinesiology and Human Anatomy.

Dewey opened Impact Performance Training in Newberg in 2005, and today he has paved his way as a top authority on the topic of performance training for Mixed Martial Arts and is a contributing writer for Strengthcoach.com and Fitnessanywhere.com (Creators of the TRX Suspension trainer). He now lectures his peers and professors often teaming up with Dr. Spina to lecture at many of his Sports Performance Centers globally and holds special clinics for sports teams such as soccer’s The Manchester United, baseball’s San Diego Padres, and the Seattle Mariners. In January, Impact Performance will be hosting the largest clinic ever for Functional Range Conditioning. This clinic is sold out with a long waiting list.

We are blessed to have such a facility in Newberg and equally blessed to be able to tap into the talent and resources that he and his staff provide. His love and passion for strength and conditioning sets him apart from many in the industry, which mirrors results in the success of his clients. Dewey has worked with everyone from the general public to high level athletes. He also coaches mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu and is a Black Belt in BJJ. Everyone has their own unique starting point when it comes to beginning the process of “getting in shape.”

My take away from this interview was that “getting in shape” starts from the inside and out. It begins with an assessment of where you are from a core joint movement functionality standpoint. Once you’ve identified your starting point, and
EVERYONE is different, you work to optimize your ability for movement from the core of the joint outward to the supporting muscle tissue, tendons and sinews. By maximizing your ability and flexibility you’ll optimize the ability for strength training and “getting in shape.”

Dewey takes the time to evaluate each new client to determine their start point and then develops a training program to maximize their potential. Whether you’re a high level athlete, a weekend warrior, recovering from an injury, suffering a disability or just wanting to gain a new lease on health, Impact Performance Training is here to enhance your quality of life and maximize your ability to function in all areas. People often injure themselves by overdoing it in the gym without the proper stretching and warm-ups. Remember, we are what we do, anyone can learn to lift weight and build a muscle, but building muscle mass while maintaining motion and flexibility is paramount to a successful healthy lifestyle. Go by and visit their facility, it may be a life changing experience for you.

Lastly, while visiting Dewey and learning of all his success in working with NIKE and professional athletes, I asked what his greatest accomplishment has ever been . . . his reply, “Helping a stroke victim to regain movement in the left side of their body.” Wow, what an insight into the heart and mind of this successful man, not to mention this was in comparison to working with the world class athlete who shaved .2 of a second off his world class speed. In closing maybe you’ve neglected yourself to the point where some of what used to be the ordinary functions of life have become challenging, treat yourself with a visit to Dewey and see how you, too, can regain a healthy functional new you! Happy New Year!

Impact Performance Training
2751 E. 9th St., Suite B, Newberg, 503-317-9786

— Contributed by Allyn Edwards