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In the baking business, the sparkle is the icing on the gourmet cake. Could you imagine the best of ingredients coupled with exceptional culinary skills only to be spoiled by a poorly frosted cake?

So it is with drywall — the drywall finished product to the builder is what the iced gourmet cake is to the baking expert. Can you imagine getting each and every angle perfect, every archway flawless in the framing only to have an unskilled laborer come in to do a poor job in finishing the work? The hours of precision framework would only be compromised in the lackluster efforts of a poorly skilled finisher.

After working their trades together for nearly ten years, Matthew Hryciw partnered together with his skilled tradesman and friend, Keith Hansen to form H & H Drywall, Inc. in 2004. Matt and Keith know what it takes to make your job sparkle and they take great pride and skill in each and every job. Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor, their goal is to help you complete your project with as little mess, stress and hassle as possible so that you can get back to doing the things you enjoy the most.

When you use H&H Drywall, Inc. you can expect:

  • Prompt Response
  • Professional Workmanship
  • A schedule that will be kept

Their Services Include:

  • New/Remodel Residential Construction, multi-family, light commercial, casualty repair and restoration
  • Drywall Installation (including sound board, RC channel, Quietrock systems for sound abatement)
  • Drywall finishing (tape and finish for texture or smooth wall)
  • Knock down brocade
  • Custom hand applications (hand brocade, two-tone brocade, skip trowel finishes)
  • Patch and repair (blending textures, finishes)
  • Primer and paint application.
  • Custom trim applications (Rounded, arched, coved, L-metal)

Regardless of the scope of the work they will perform for you, they pledge to give the same service that large construction firms with substantial, ongoing projects receive. So whether you’re a contractor looking for a dependable drywall partner or a homeowner with a special project, get the right finish on the job and call H & H Drywall for an estimate, you’ll be glad you did!

H & H Drywall Inc.
Portland Eastside/Vancouver Office: 503-519-0304
Portland Westside Office: 503-519-8271
General Office inquiries: 503-554-0811
Website: hhdrywallinc.com