///Creating a Profitable Online Store

Creating a Profitable Online Store

Online shopping is here to stay, be it on a mobile device, tablet, or computer. If you are looking to grow your sales, having your own website makes it easier for your customers to find you. Here are some tips to help you create a profitable online storefront:

  • Create a strategy – First, determine whether online selling is appropriate for your products and services and a viable option for your business. You’ll need to work out on every stage – from building your online shop to handling transactions and customer support.
  • Use a simple shopping cart system – Set an automated system to process the orders with speed and efficiency — from purchase to receipt of goods. The way you handle orders can either make or break your customer’s buying decision.
  • Deliver the items – This can be via downloads, postal service, or private couriers. You can offer free shipping for a certain amount of purchase or express delivery service. A fast, reliable delivery creates a good lasting impression.
  • Improve customer service – Offer the choice of money-back guarantee and make returns policies simple and flexible. Hire the right people to respond to every inquiry and handle after-sales requests.
  • Implement an effective marketing strategy – Social media marketing, e-newsletter, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising will help attract potential customers to your website. Use these tools to track your web traffic
  • Be familiar with regulations – If you sell your products online, comply with the laws regulating e-commerce and data protection. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) E-Commerce Guide provides an overview of rules and regulations.
  • Protect your site against hackers – Keep your website secure with up-to-date virus software, password protection, and other contingency measures. You can also have a back-up site available.
  • User reviews – You can email your customers after a few weeks and encourage them to leave a review of the product they just bought.

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