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Member Spotlight

We turn the spotlight on chamber member businesses every other month with a Business Spotlight feature article. Learn more about your fellow chamber members and businesses in the community.

Nap’s Thriftway

By Allyn Edwards Have you ever been awakened in the night with that troubling ache or upset stomach only to find the medicine in the cabinet is 4 years expired? What is one left to do when your family member is suffering and you don’t have the essentials to comfort them? Hey guess what, Saturday, Sunday, Holidays too, they open their doors, Nap’s Thriftway supermarket is always open 24/7 and conveniently yours. The only exception is Christmas Day; after all, they too have families. When Jim Collins wrote his book “Good to Great”, he sighted one store that targeted locations for ease of accessibility to enhance the customer experience. Well, this theory has proven a success with this store being ideally located on the west end of town having access from three convenient points, a breeze to enter and exit without having to travel around the block. […]

Wilco Farm Store

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Newberg Animal Shelter

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Newberg Steel & Fabrication, Inc.

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Sportsman Airpark

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Lewis Audio Video

I can remember as a child in the sixties, entertainment [...]

True Form Collision

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Nikki Jane’s Boutique

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Edwards & Associates

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Katy Tatro, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

We welcome Katy Tatro into our Newberg business communi [...]