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6 Lessons from the Catwalk

By Shannon Buckmaster Originally published at Shannon Buckmaster, LLC. on September 25, 2017 When I refer to the Catwalk, I’m talking about a log suspended 30 feet high between two pine trees at Cam [...]

Real Customer Service – It’s ALL That Matters

By David McNamee, Ph.D. (abd) Originally Published by BIZCATALYST 360° The manager of a local eatery got an earful he wasn’t expecting when he stopped by our table to ask what we thought of our dini [...]


5 Marketing Secrets Almost Everyone Forgets to Do

Customers are the most important part of any business, for without them, there is no business. But most small business owners are not marketing experts, so here are five secrets that significantly contributed to my business success.

  • are managing and leading the same thing?

Are You a Manager or a Leader?

A flood of content cites two broad administrative categories: manager and leader. Is there a distinction, or are the terms one and the same?

Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Banner Bank, Mariana Sandoval (NMLS45064)

Years in Business: 125 years What Is Your Company’s Vision? Our vision drives us. And it’s simple: We want to be the best provider of financial services in the West. We also live by a set of core val [...]

Member Spotlight: Shannon Buckmaster, LLC.

How Old Is the Business? May 2017 Number of Years in This Area? 12 years since returning from the East Coast for Grad School What Is Your Company’s Philosophy? My passion is to encourage people to we [...]

Member Spotlight: Oregon Eye Specialists, PC

How old is the Business? Oregon Eye Specialists opened its first clinic in 1978 in Aloha.  In the mid 1990’s the practice merged with three other practices to form Oregon Eye Specialists, PC.  We hav [...]

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