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6 Lessons from the Catwalk

By Shannon Buckmaster Originally published at Shannon Buckmaster, LLC. on September 25, 2017 When I refer to the Catwalk, I’m talking about a log suspended 30 feet high between two pine trees at Cam [...]


Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Penguin Productions

Penguin Productions Co-Founders: Chris forrer, Artistic Director Daphne Dossett, Business and Relations Manager Garrett Gibbs, Production Manager How Old Is Business? We are currently producing our s [...]

Member Spotlight: Dr. Manuel Gigena

Dr. Manuel Gigena Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery Representatives: Dr. Manuel Gigena Kyla Morell, Office Manager How Old Is Business? 1 year Number of Years In This Area? 1 year What is the Company’s [...]

Member Spotlight: Directors Mortgage

Directors Mortgage, Inc. Kim Abraham Sr. Mortgage Specialist How Old Is Business? 20 years old Number of Years In This Area? 2 years Franchise Or Chain? No Type of Business: Family business first gen [...]

Member Spotlight: NW WaterStop, Inc.

How Old Is Business?  2 years as NW WaterStop Number Of Years In This Area? 2 years Franchise Or Chain? National Authorized Dealer of WaterCop products for Oregon since 2011 What Is Your Company’s Mi [...]

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